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John Eldridge featured in The Last Call exhibit

May 25, 2013 - 7:57pm

Through May 13 to June 7, “The Last Call” at Russell Day Gallery features work from graduating and second year students including ceramics, digital media, drawing, graphic design, web design, painting, photography, sculpture and music. On May 16, the artists had a public reception from 12 to 2 pm.

The exhibit is filled with a plethora of art through all sorts of mediums; projected onto a wall are stunning videos capturing paint wars, running with sparklers at night, and original music.

John Eldridge, a featured artist, is wrapping up 2 ½ years at EvCC, having finished getting his dual degrees in art. Born and raised in Washington, he spent his earlier years traveling and snowboarding. After running a landscaping company for 12 years, he had to quit and re-evaluate his career due to health problems that limited his physical activity.

He had been messing around on Photoshop having a lot of fun creating signatures graphics him and his friends. This interest led him to make the courageous decision to go back to school for arts.

Eldridge has a son, 14, and daughter, 4, who were “huge motivators to not only come to school but stay in school”.

Reflecting on the past few years, Eldridge said, “I understand myself better, I’ve learned so much here.” He participated in the Northwest Poetry magazine for an internship, creating logos and covers.

“Robert Lake was one of the greatest influences on my learning. He was very keen on my learning.”

For his final quarter, Eldridge worked a project called “Nothing Is Trivial” that was a touching reflection on what he went through losing a close person in his life. “It’s 25 years worth of work”, said Eldridge. The book is a raw reflection on healing through tragedy and trauma. It’s condensed into about 50 pages of beautifully and brutally honest poems, lyrics, graphics, and photography. He’s waiting for the hard copy of the book in the mail. “Nothing is Trivial” is displayed in the RDS on an iPad along with some other work of Eldridge’s.

Eldridge is graduating this year, and is ready to go out and track down a job.

“I don’t know what it is I’m supposed to be doing, but I am doing something right.”



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