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“A little party never killed nobody”. Especially if this party was a good one. You can leave the process of determining whether a party was good or not to the guests. But the process of preparation lies entirely on the host of the party.

At this point, the poor host can think that the fun is over for him/her. However, this is not necessary. Yes, all the cleaning and cooking and worrying and planning bring little pleasure. But there are ways to make your life and party prep easier.

Instead of wasting hours on cooking, you can use a little hack and serve quick party platters on your gathering. You can think that this form of meal better suits to a cocktail party, but you are wrong, and we are going to prove it. These party platters are examples of what can be served at your party, and they are definitely worth celebrating.

Cheese and meat board

This combination can be considered as a classical one, and you can never be wrong when you go with classics. The choosing of the best pairings can be tough, but the diversity of colors and tastes is worth it after all. Throw in some homemade crackers or nuts and establish yourself as a pro in party planning.

Sweet & salty party platter

This is the case when your favorite salty snacks come in handy and can help you with creating your perfect tray. Combine them with chocolate hummus and fresh fruits and nuts, and be prepared to get all the admiration from your guests.

Vegan appetizer platter

When we plan a party, we must think of everyone invited and about peculiarities of their tastes. Nowadays it is not surprising to meet a person who is vegan/vegetarian/eats gluten-free food, etc. So it would be nice to be prepared for that with an ultimate vegan appetizer platter with spicy olive tapenade and artichoke hummus.

Dessert Plate

As a good host, think about all the sweet-tooths that are going to come to your party (they will!). They deserve something delicious, and this platter with sliced fruits, diced chocolate and a few pieces of crackers can make them so happy.

You would need a good selection of products to prepare these platters, but luckily we live in the 21st century, and we have what to choose from. You can easily go to your local Walmart and buy all the necessary products there since they have a pretty vast selection.

In addition, if you are so busy (or lazy) that you simply cannot make this platter by yourself, you can find similar party trays in Walmart Deli (make sure to learn Walmart deli hours of operation before visiting). There you will be able to find the platters that suit your tastes, and you will not pay much for them.

You can say that the party is not only about food and many important things need to be covered before the guests arrive. That is true, but deciding what your guests are going to eat can take a lot of time, and here we tried to make this task a little easier.

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