Dec 05, 2013 03:05am
REVIEW: Thor: The Dark World
December 2, 2013 - 1:41pm

I went to the “midnight” premiere of Thor: The Dark World. There weren’t a whole lot of people in the theater, making it feel like I was watching a movie that had been out for a week. Despite the amount of people watching the movie with me, it was definitely worth going, especially since the movie was at 8:00 and not midnight.

I’m a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and my favorite character is Loki. This made me both excited and concerned for the movie. I knew that Loki would be in it, I had seen the previews but I assumed he wasn’t going to be a major character. After all, Loki had stolen the spotlight of two movies already, and since I didn’t know the overall plot of the movie I wasn’t sure if he was going to be stealing this one as well.

Because of this, I went into the movie determined to focus on the plot, and on Thor and Jane Foster’s budding romance. I told myself repeatedly “Don’t think about Loki.” Ultimately, I failed in that challenge. It wasn’t that the rest of the movie was bad; it was just that Tom Hiddleston was exceptional, once again.

It didn’t help that after the beginning scene where we are introduced to some past alien conflict, we are given Loki. They were tying in what happened in Avengers to what was going to be going on in this movie, which I appreciated because after Avengers I did wonder what they were going to do with him.

If Marvel wanted me to focus on Jane and Thor, two characters I really don’t care about, they should have started out with them. Giving me Loki right off the bat made my mind focus on Loki. Even when he wasn’t in the scene, I found myself wondering what he was up to, and how everything that was going on was going to end up affecting him.

One minor problem I had with the movie was that it was set up almost exactly the same as how the first was set up:

·      We are introduced to some past conflict

·      We are shown what is going on in Asgard

·      We are shown what is going on with Jane

·      Back to Asgard

·      Back to Earth

·      And repeat

While that isn’t bad, per se, it did make a few things predictable. There were definitely times where I just knew where the movie was going next, and that does take some of the fun out of it for me.

But the movie, as a whole was good, there were equal moments of laughter and incoherent noises of anger and disbelief.

If you’re not a fan of Loki, I still suggest that you go, because plenty happens with the other characters. Loki just happens to be the character that my mind focuses on. However, I was almost converted into being a Thor girl, because there was a particularly enticing shirtless scene…but that’s just me.

If Marvel movies are your thing, definitely give it a go. I know that I’ll definitely be watching it again.

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