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Exploring night classes and the campus at night
December 5, 2013 - 6:02pm

The silence of campus during the night might seem lifeless and gloomy to many people, but for some students the campus at night could actually be their la-la land.

The EvCC campus at night is not as packed and bustling as it is during the day since the majority of students go to school in the daytime. However, evening classes are still a popular choice among students, especially for those who are occupied in daytime because of their jobs or family. 

EvCC students gather in Gray Wolf Hall // Felim So

Offering over 100 evening classes during fall quarter on campus, EvCC provides students with a variety of course choices including some general subjects like math or english, or more skill-focused classes like welding or glassblowing.

While some people like the fact that there is less difficulty with parking on campus at night, some students like to stay on campus at the evening because they like the quieter environment. Just like 27-year-old EvCC student John Fitzgerald, who is currently taking an evening computer science class. Fitzgerald said he likes being on the campus at nighttime better than during the day.

Student John Fitzgerald likes the atmosphere of night classes more than day classes. // Felim So

“In mid-day, there are less younger kids and more people who have day jobs, they are more motivated to get a better grade so I like that atmosphere,” said Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald thinks students in daytime classes are not his “crowd” since they are mostly younger, whereas he finds it easier to connect to nighttime students, whom he said are generally older and more mature. 

A car whizzes by Whitehorse Hall. // Felim So 

“This [at nighttime] is when I meet more people,” Fitzgerald said. “As oposed to the daytime when everyone has something to do and rushing everywhere, but here [campus during night] it seems like it’s more of a social site.”

Although evening classes might be a better option for older students to socialize and meet friends, some students are worried if the quality of evening classes and resources available to students at night are the same as during the day.

The cafeteria lit up during the night. // Felim So

“Most resources are available during the day, as far as the library, the computer labs and the cafeteria are opened; but at night, not so much,” said EvCC student Caleb Zertuche, who is currently taking physics and math classes at evening.

Despite of the difference in resource availability, Zertuche thinks evening classes are well put together to go around students’ schedule. While on the other side, Fitzgerald thinks teachers are generally more aware during daytime.

Felim So photo

“I’ve noticed that teachers give more efforts earlier the day,” said Fitzgerald. “I understand why they would be tired, but if I had them at 10 a.m. rather than 4 or 5 p.m. they would be much more attentive.”

And yet, EvCC English faculty Regina Zull mentioned in an email that it is hard for a student to gauge instructors’ effort and attentiveness. Zull said  students rarely take the same instructor for both a night and day course, and that some instructors are more lively than others but this is true at any hour.  

Zull pointed out the twice a week meeting format rather than four or five times a week might make a difference, since it is harder for students and perhaps professors to sustain interest for a two hour block than for a shorter session.

Whitehorse Hall's coffee stand may be closed, but the lights are on and class is in session. // Felim So

Even so, some students still prefer evening classes to daytime courses, especially for those who are more self-motivated and enjoy the quieter environment on campus at night. In fact, having a safe study environment could also be one of the reasons why the campus at night could be a la-la land for some students.

“The campus had a few assaults so students are mostly safe from physical harm on campus at night,” said Campus Security Officer, Matthew White. “We are out there as much as we can and we make ourselves as visible as possible.”

And yet, White said sometimes there are thefts that happen on campus so students should stay especially careful about that. He said it is always a good idea to walk with somebody and stay in the lighted area on campus during night. 

“We try to make people be aware and prepared for the crimes here, but not to scare them, but since the campus has a very few assaults, so people are pretty safe for the physical well-being on campus at night,” said White. 

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