Sep 06, 2014 08:12pm
EvCC Vice President to move to Portland CC
January 13, 2014 - 5:31pm

Following her next career step this upcoming spring, Sandra Fowler-Hill will leave her current position as EvCC Vice President of Instruction and Student Services to become president of Portland Community College’s (PCC) Rock Creek Campus in Oregon.

Photo from Portland CC

“It’s the next career step for me,” said Fowler Hill, “it’s something I’ve been working towards my entire career.”

Fowler-Hill has been working with colleges for roughly the last 30 years, having earned a doctorate in Community College leadership from Oregon State University, a master’s degree in Human Development Counseling from Sangamon State University and a bachelor’s degree from George Williams College.

Prior to 2007, when she started working at EvCC as one of the four VPs, Fowler-Hill worked as a faculty member and a dean at Olympic College in Bloomington and as an executive dean at Cascadia Community College in Bothell.

Over the past six years at EvCC, Fowler-Hill has overseen 12 different centers for instruction and student services, some of which include WSU, Enrollment and Student Financial Services, International Education and Basic and Developmental Education.

EvCC President, Dr. David Beyer, said that Fowler-Hill has made a significant impact on the school because “her leadership in [the] instructional area and incorporating new initiatives has had an impact on the learning and teaching [of] the college.”

“[She has a] good variety of people skills, relationships and trusts that have led to improve the overall quality of education services,” said Beyer.

“She has focused on a number of aspects at EvCC. She is very interested in opportunities for students. She has a lot of input. I think it will be harder for her legacy that she is so focused on her students.”

Even though Fowler-Hill is leaving at the end of winter quarter, her successor will not fill in for roughly another six months, around July 1, 2014. Over the next six months, ads for the job will be published in educational journals and candidates on a national level will be able to apply. After applications are handed in, the community, with Beyer’s input, will choose accordingly.

Fowler-Hill doesn’t think that getting a new VP for Instruction and Student Services will affect EvCC students.

“It's not a job I do alone,” said Fowler-Hill. “There are some very talented and hard-working administrators that will help make it happen. The student government will continue whether I’m here or not. Appointments will be made to help make a smooth transition.”

Fowler-Hill says that obtaining college presidency status is “a competitive process.”

“When a presidency becomes available, the whole district posts the announcement,” said Fowler-Hill.

The announcement for a new president at PCC’s Rock Creek Campus was posted in last August. Fowler-Hill was interested in the position because Portland Community College is one of the fastest growing in the district. Unlike EvCC, which has different sites but one president, PCC is a multi-campus district and has three presidents throughout the different campuses.

After filling out the application early last September, Fowler-Hill was invited to the Rock Creek Campus for an hour-long interview. Following that interview, another took place over the course of an entire day for two of the top candidates, one being Fowler-Hill. During the all-day interview from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Fowler-Hill was introduced to faculty on campus, including those from the union. Over winter break, she was notified that she had gotten the position.

Fowler-Hill said in a recent PCC press release that she is looking forward to her new position and that for her “it is an honor to join the outstanding community of faculty and staff at Portland Community College to advance the region’s long-term vitality by delivering accessible, quality education to support academic, professional and personal development of the diverse students and the communities we serve.”

Fowler-Hill said that even though she will be president of a PCC campus, instead of a VP, her new job won’t be significantly different.

“Basically, we are all about the same thing. The ultimate work is the same: supplying for the students,” said Fowler-Hill.

PCC President, Jeremy Brown, was quoted in a recent PCC press release saying, “I am very pleased that Dr. Fowler-Hill will be joining the Portland Community College team as president of the Rock Creek Campus. She brings a uniquely strong and diverse background in academic leadership, student services and creating and sustaining partnerships with business, industry and local communities and schools. I am eagerly looking forward to working with Dr. Fowler-Hill, enhancing PCC’s services to Washington and Columbia counties.”

When asked what her future goals were for her new career opportunity, Fowler-Hill said, “I promised I’d hit the ground listening and get to know the college and the committee as soon as possible. And then identify opportunities to support and build on.”


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