Sep 07, 2014 06:36am
EvCC cosmetology building remodeled
January 13, 2014 - 5:42pm

Everett Community College’s cosmetology program building in Marysville recently got a remodel and it’s looking better than ever.

The beauty students have the opportunity to practice each of the cosmetology practices in specific areas or rooms. There are 64 stations in the school which include hair stations, makeup stations and waxing stations for eyebrows and such.

Tessa Grim styles her manniquin's hair. // Sophia Walsh

Down the lengthy hall there is a facial room that is dimly lit and plays tranquil music for those who are receiving facial treatments and a manicure and pedicure area where students pamper clients, making their fingers and toes glisten with fresh paint. Located in the back are a couple classrooms where students first begin in the program.

Alisha Strothman, Administrative Assistant, gave some insight into the program. “The students start in the classroom for the first quarter that they’re here at cosmetology.”

Student Madelyn Lewis works on foils. // Sophia Walsh

Strothman went on to mention that after the students’ first quarter in the program they test out and continue on to the clinic floor to work on clients. For some skills, such as makeup, students practice on one another rather than on mannequins. One of the instructors, Arman Pacheco, explained the tight-knit community of the program, “everybody’s a little more intimate, there’s not that factory feel to it.”

Ali Jorgenson works a curling iron on a short haircut. // Sophia Walsh

The cosmetology program has around 70 students enrolled that each require 1,730 total hours of all the cosmetology practices. Once students have concluded their 1,730 hours of practice and a few classes at EvCC’s main campus they must pass the state licensing test to be a licensed cosmetologist.

Miki Clark cuts a manniquien's hair. // Sophia Walsh

The state licensing test involves a written exam and an observed practical on a mannequin. Strothman also stated that the instructors at the school “try to stay in contact with each student finding out where they’re placed in a salon.”  Some past students of the Everett cosmetology program have even been featured in the Northwest Stylist. 


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