Some Essential Facts of Tankless Water Heater by Plumber Orange County

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You may want to use a tankless water heater after using the water heater with a tank for many days. But you need to learn some facts before getting one. Your plumber Orange County will guide you properly about some facts about a tankless water heater.

Plumber Orange County

Is the Tankless Water Heater Installation Worth It?

Tankless water heaters are always ready to provide hot water whenever you want. You have to press a switch for it. There is no worry about filling the water tank of the heater. It reduces the cost of the fuels by at least 25 to 50 percent compared with the tank-type water heater. Typically, a gas-run water heater wastes almost half of the fuel it takes to make the water hot.

As there is no tank with it, which part of a tankless heater will be leaked? In 1990, the first tankless water heater was used in the USA. Since then, people have started to accept it more every day. The increasing number is surprising as the benefit of using it is a lot. It is more advanced than the technology of a tank-type heater. Instantly getting hot water is very beneficial for the people.

You don’t have to make yourself wait a long time for the hot water. Before going to the office, you will get hot water to shower. Prepare your kids for school; it will take less time than earlier. The wireless connection you can maintain through your smartphone. You may have many reasons to buy a tankless water heater. But whatever it is, it will be beneficial for every side to purchase and install one in your residential or commercial place.

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Advantages of Tankless Water Heaters

People are showing interest in tankless water heaters because of the advantages they will get from them.


There is no tank, so you will not have to worry about leaks. No water will waste, and no bacteria will grow in the water tank. In addition, both the exhaust vents and air supply are sealed to prevent carbon monoxide from entering the house.


Tankless water heaters are robust in structure. It does not let so much heat loss. Besides, you cannot place the tankless heater where the old water heater you kept. Tankless heaters can hang on your wall easily as their size is the same as a suitcase.

Easy Water Draining System 

Draining water through a tankless heater is very easy. With the assistance of a compressor, you can do it within a few moments. Now you can close the house for winter as long as you want.

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The Technology You Will See in Tankless Water Heater

From the beginning, the tankless water heater had so many advanced features. With the help of modern technologies, there were some added features.

Fast Hot Water Delivery 

Because of the first water delivery, it is prevalent. Within 15 seconds, you will get your desired hot water. But it will need some time to reach your faucet or showerhead. Here it is the same for the tankless water heater. You can turn the pump with the help of a timer. In addition, a motion sensor, a push-button, a smartphone, or an intelligent speaker simultaneously pushes the cold water in your pipe through your heater. It only takes 60 seconds to shut off the pump and deliver your water when you open the tap.

Higher Efficiency

The condensed gas heaters can take out more than 95 percent of the fuel, 17% more than the first tankless water heater. The heat exchanger will not allow the heat from the vent to go out. These heaters are one-fourth more expensive compared to the non-condensing ones. There may not be a built-in neutralizing cartridge in the heater. The installer will have to add it with the heater.

Compatibility With Wi-Fi 

Isn’t it a great advantage to adjust the temperature, monitor gas, and use hot water through your device? Yes, a tankless water heater gives you these facilities on your phone. So, you don’t have to go to the heater to complete all of these tasks. You can do it from a certain distance. Besides, you will be able to detect any problem and solve it. You can show it to your plumber whenever you need any service for your tankless water heater.


The use of the tankless water heater Orange County increases as it has many benefits over a tank-type water heater. You cannot ignore it once you know about its ease of use. In This world of technology, we want every appliance to work fast and compete with the time. A tankless water heater can do it much better than your expectations!